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Silver bullion bars, also called ingots, are a popular way to invest in silver and diversify your portfolio. Modern investors want greater flexibility in their investments. Silver bullion bars offer that flexibility. They are uniform in size and purity, making them easy to handle and convenient to store. Additionally, silver bars are compact, which enables investors to secure a great deal of wealth in a relatively small storage area. Bars with recognized hallmarks are readily accepted for resale, making them easy to convert to cash if the need should arise.

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Today’s Price of Silver per Ounce

Current Price for SilverSilver bullion bars, also called ingots, are a popular way to invest in silver and diversify your portfolio. All investments require you to monitor them. Silver prices are no different. Keep abreast of the latest movements of the price of silver. In the chart below you will find the most recent 24 hour price chart for an ounce of silver, in US dollars. Armed with this knowledge you can more informed investment decisions, below the price chart I’ve linked over to current eBay auctions for 1 oz bars and coins of silver – bullion coins, not collectible coins.

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Scrap Gold and Silver from Old Computers

I have heard that your old computer had a treasure trove of gold and silver in it but never really knew where – much less how to extract it. I searched around online and found this video. It is from a British company but computers are the same all over the world. From now on whenever I see my neighbors throwing our computers I am going to start grabbing them and pulling out the gold. I’ve seen stuff that looks like gold but I’m still not sure where the silver is to be found.

The only problem I see is that for the individual it is very hard to sell the scrap gold. I did some looking around and found a company that will buy your scrap gold. With the current price of gold where it is it doesn’t take much to make some decent money. I’m not sure if they will give you anything for the silver and copper in the computer but at the very least they should give you a decent price for the gold since they are getting the other two metals for free.

Why Buy Junk Silver Coins?

Junk Silver BagUnless you have hundreds, or even thousands of extra dollars you probably face the same problem many beginning silver investors and collectors face. How can I afford to start investing? One of the easiest ways to begin investing in silver is to buy junk silver coins.

US coins – to be exact, Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and Franklin and Kennedy half dollars – that were struck on or before the year 1964 were comprised of 90% silver. After 1964 the US stopped placing precious metals (like silver) in all of it’s coins. Misleading referred to as junk silver coins back in the 1970s; these coins represent one of the most popular ways to invest in silver bullion.

Investing in these 90% silver coins, or junk silver represents several advantages over traditional silver bullion. First, you may already have several of these coin in your possession. Simply check your change pile and look of the pure silver cross section (non-silver coins have a 50/50 cross section). Secondly you will often pay a very lower premium to spot value (since the silver is not pure). Thirdly, the coin will always retains it face value. While the silver in a pre-1965 quarter may someday become worth less than 25 cents, since the coin is valid US currency, it will alwasy be worth at least 25 cents. Most important you can begin buying junk silver coins immediately. Right this moment there are hundreds of coins for sale, in various lot sizes, on many site like eBay. Click here to see current junk silver coin auctions on eBay.

Morgan Silver Dollars

Classic Morgan Silver DollarThe easiest and cheapest silver coin for beginning silver coin collector is the U.S. Morgan Silver Dollar. Minted from 1878 to 1904 (and for one last time in 1921) it had a a solid silver heft of 90% silver. Unfortunately, by the 20th century, their popularity waned as paper money became more popular Americans.

I have began collecting these since the early 1980s. One here, one there, I have started to amass quite a collection. There are only two reliable ways you can acquire Morgan Silver Dollars. My preferred method of acquiring these little silver gems is to purchase them off eBay. If you watch, you can usually get a deal. The second, but safest method, is to buy from a reputable coin dealer. I suggest online coin deals because their prices, and return policies, are MUCH more favorable.